As a result of the participation of Scientia’s Founder and Consultant – Elaine da Graça – on the 2nd WIA Annual Summit (September 2018) in Marrakesh, we’ve learn some interested facts regarding female entrepreneurship in Africa.

Women in Africa Philanthropy, in collaboration with one of its major patron Ronald Berger, carried out the following Entrepreneurship Study: “Women in Africa Entrepreneurship: A path to women empowerment?”

According to this study, Africa seems to be the continent with one of the highest women entrepreneurship rates globally. Information gathered from GEM – Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – says Sub-Saharan Africa represents the hub, with female TEA (Total Entrepreneurship Activity) rate reaching 26%. On the 2017 African Economic Outlook report by BAD, OECD and UNDP, we can grasp women are twice as likely to start a business in the Sub-Saharan Africa than elsewhere.

On the images you can see the Key figures regarding women entrepreneurship globally and particularly, in Africa.

For more information regarding Women In Africa Philanthropy click here.

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