Scientia offers a wide range of services in marketing and digital marketing. We have created a series of services according to the needs of new organizations and entrepreneurs. Thus, we are prepare to consult with the client and customize the services into they exact needs!

Logo Express

This service is an express service to create a logo in 24 hours! It is recommended when there is an urgency. We will design 2 and you will pick one to be used!

Social Media Management

Scientia created 3 main SMM packages, in order to satisfy basic needs of our clients! We also work directly with the client to customize a package to fit their actual needs!

Starting at 70 euros per month!
Pick the pack that suits you best or contact us for a consultation!

Business Events

We design and materialize small business events in the country. This service includes:
Event Planning
Event Production and Disclosure Process
Event Logistics Organization
Event Celebration
Final Phase: Delivery of Event Memory (up to 30 days after completion

Contact us for more information regarding our process of creating and celebrating business events.

Marketing and Business Plans

Do you have a business idea and want to plan how to open and maintain your business? Or have you set up your business yet need an operational plan to monitor and analyze your business objectives?

We carry out Marketing and Business plans, according to your needs and realities of the Cape Verdean market.

Make your plan with us starting at 270 euros! For more information about conducting Marketing and Business Plans, please contact us here.

Market Research

Do you need to determine a particular market or industry before starting your business? Do you want to get to know the actors in your environment and how do they behave? Or, do you want to understand the respective laws of these markets and / or sectors?

Conduct your studies with us starting at 180 euros! Contact us to carry out market studies in the Cabo Verde island and / or in the digital world!


Scientia, as a digital company, understands the importance of having a strong online presence. One of the ways to cement your online presence is through a web page where your customers and potential customers can learn about your brand and / or company and research about your products and services.

We can create your Web Page (.com), including Domain and Hosting (for a minimum of one year), starting from 150 euros. In addition to building up your Webpage, we offer a management Web service starting from only 10 euros a month!

For more detailed information or to request a quote contact us here.

Micro Consultancy

This was specially design for small new companies and/or entrepreneurs that do not have the budget for high monthly retainers or lacks the time for marketing or digital marketing tasks we present to you Micro Consulting.

Micro Consulting consists of meetings, calls and/or video calls in which the Scientia consultant will train the client on how to:
– Create your online presence: Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube) and Google Business
– Cashflow
– Business Process Operations
– Business Tutoring for Beginners
– Other business consultations

In this context, Scientia will hold an individual online training to customers for only 20 euros per hour. Contact us here for more information.

Starting Pack Solution

Our newest added-value service! It was specially design to support new small businesses and entrepreneurs with a Starting Pack Solution!

7 hours online micro consultancy: General business management, Express Logo Design, Outset of Online presence: Facebook and Instagram; Google My Business 

This Solution will provide you with insights on how to place your brand or organization in the digital world. It will be a 5-days long process where Scientia will show you how to reach your potential customers, with appropriate content, and how to engage with with in order to convert them into paying customers!

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