Scientia is your marketing agency, located in the Cabo Verde Islands.

Scientia, ae, f. (plur. only Vitr. 1, 1, 18; 3 praef. 1) [sciens], a knowing or being skilled in any thing, knowledge, science, skill, expertness = cognitio, eruditio (freq. and class).  
by Lewis & Short’s Latin Dictionary (1891)

Scientia was founded on September the 9th, 2015, although its activity started in January 2016. In the beginning, the startup was located in Sal Rei City – Boa Vista Island (one of the 10 islands of Cabo Verde). The purpose was to provide services to investors and new startups and Boa Vista, at the time, had one of the highest rate of startups in the country. Scientia was created to be a business consultancy company. It became clear that diversification was the path to follow. Therefore Scientia would provide a range of services: virtual assistance, departmental outsource, translations and business and marketing plans and reports.

For strategic reasons the headquarters was transferred to the capital of the country – Praia. Due the high number of companies that are youth and women-owned and the opportunities to provide digital marketing to a high number of companies. It was then when Scientia start molding itself into a Marketing Agency, providing a large range of services related to Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Scientia’s purpose is to provide services to startups and/or companies, specially those that are women and youth-owned. Our social goal that is to provide women with the necessary tools and expertise to reach their own personal and financial independence.

To understand what Scientia is about please, read more about its Founder and Consultant.


Elaine Da Graça moved to the Canary Islands in 2003 where she studied and graduated from ESCOEX – International Business School, with a double degree: The School’s own title on “Dirección de Comercio Internacional y Marketing” and BSc (Gen Hon) Degree in International Trade and Marketing by the University of Wales in 2007. 

Before founding Scientia, she acquired professional experience in the Canary Islands for 4 years, working for multinational companies such as TOYOTA and Brasilien TCC Shoes. In 2011 she decided to move back to Cabo Verde where she worked for one company: AEB – water and electricity company in one of the 10 islands – Boa Vista. 

During the next 3 years Elaine worked as a freelancer providing virtual assistance services alongside the execution of projects and business plans for international clients that wanted in invest in Cabo Verde. During the same period, she opens The Office Sports Bar, with her partner, in the same island. This project had a duration of a year. 

By the end of 2015, she decides it was time to Found her own startup providing services in the areas she had experience on. 

During this same time, of professional search, she decides to start producing handmade handbags. Her mother is a Plastic Arts’ teacher which taught her at a very young age a lot of crafts made by hand such as painting, drawing, sewing, crochet… and many more. Elaine believes in the great business opportunity of hand made products and decides to register THE HOUSE OF ELLA as a brand in Cabo Verde, and it is in the process of registering the brand in Portugal and internationally. 

In 2017, Elaine decides to focus her company and efforts in one of the three biggest influential segments in the digital world – Women. Cabo Verde is a matriarchal country where women do not have the same opportunities as men. Therefore, Elaine has made of Scientia’s mission to empower and to assist women in their search for opportunities and in the development of their abilities. 

Recently she has travelled to international summit held in two different African countries where she had the opportunity to meet and network with a high number of influential women that owns their own companies in their respective countries. And its due this, that now Scientia is focussed on a bigger market – The African Women and Youth market!

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