About Us

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Our story

Scientia’s purpose is to provide strategic marketing solutions to startups, entrepreneurs and companies in general, with a special attention and social commitment to those that are women and youth-owned or led. Our social goal is that of providing women with the necessary tools and expertise to reach their own personal and financial independence.


Purpose: Evolution and progress

Vision: Empower a world with less differences

Target Market: Entrepreneurs and organizations ready to take their business to another level.

Why the name Scientia?

Scientia, ae, f. (plur. only Vitr. 1, 1, 18; 3 praef. 1) [sciens], a knowing or being skilled in any thing, knowledge, science, skill, expertness = cognitio, eruditio (freq. and class).

Scientia was founded on September 9, 2015 in one of the 10 islands of the archipelago of Cabo Verde – Boa Vista Island. The purpose at the time was to provide solutions to investors and new startups in the island. Scientia was created to become a business consultancy firm yet, soon enough it became clear that our path would be more diverse. Scientia would provide a range of services of virtual assistance, outsourcing, translations and business and marketing plans and reports.

For strategic reasons the headquarters was transferred to the capital of the country – Praia. Due to an increase in the number of youth and women-owned organizations and the opportunities that came with it, to provide marketing and digital marketing solutions. It was then when Scientia start molding itself into a Strategic Marketing Agency, providing a large range of services related to Strategic Marketing and Digital Marketing.